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Won the Gold Medal for the National Scholastic Art and Writing Contest!!!!

ScholasticI won an award for my book! The award ceremony is at Carnegie Hall in New York, and the arts exhibition will be at Parson School of Design!

This is so exciting!!!!



“The French Toast Revolution” gets its first news release!

Lucky for me, my book, The French Toast Revolution was offered two interviews for the The Korea Times and The Korea Daily. 

They asked me basic questions like where I obtained my inspiration and how I went about to publish it.
Here are the articles and links:



The French Toast Revolution.

After months and months of illustrating and writing and revising, I’m excited to say I finally finished my children’s book, The French Toast Revolution. 

French Toast Revolution 01-001
In this charming overview of the French Toast Revolution, citizens of France take on the greedy King Louis XVI. The unique story of, “The French Toast Revolution,” brings toast, cupcakes, and different pastries to life to portray the hard working and resilient people of the 17th and 18th century.
Poor toast peasants rebel with forks and knives, noble muffins are adorned with whipped cream hair and sprinkles to flaunt their wealth, and Napoleon rides a cookie horse.
I’ve created a creative, one-of-a-kind picture book about the valiant fight of the people- and dreams of equality and happiness.

I’ve published this book on Amazon Kindle on August 13, 2013, and am currently in the process of getting my book reviewed on iBook.
To purchase it or see more details, click on the link below:

Children’s Book: In the Making

French Toast Revolution 01-001

Here’s an example of the process I went through when I made each page of the book. The example below portrays the scene where the bourgeoisie realize the state of injustice they are in, and are expressing their anger towards King Louis XVI.


I first started off with drawing the composition.
Then filled in the toast figures.
With a basic sketch, I’m ready to draw the character details with a thin Sharpie pen.053
including their facial expressions and clothes.056058060

In order to create a great contrast between the subjects and the background, I used red water color pencil to start off with a base coat.061
And slowly painted in the different colors with poster color.

French Toast Revolution pdffffffffffff-001