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Sneak Peek into “그리고” Series

As mentioned before, each book of the “그리고” Series tells a different story. Following this pattern, I illustrated each book in a different artistic style. I thought it’d be fun to give a sneak peek from my two favorite stories I had the luck to illustrate. The artwork is from, respectively, Book 1 and Book 5, the first a story that tells of a child on a journey to look for his cow, and the second of a king who eats way too much.



screen-shot-2017-01-08-at-8-28-07-pmFrom Book 1




From Book 5

All of the “그리고” Series is available at Interpark Books, Bandi and Luni’s, and KYOBO.
그리고 Series Interpark


The “그리고” Series is published and now available!!

Since 2012, when I published my first book, “The French Toast Revolution” back in California, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with an author towards illustrating a series of children books when I moved to Seoul in 2015.

The “그리고” series is comprised of seven books, seven separate fables, that I’ve had the opportunity to take joy and pride in. They’re now available for sale online at KYOBO Book Store, Interpark Books, and Bandi and Luni’s . They’re also for sale in hard copy at book store branches like KYOBO Book Store, Bandi and Luni’s and YP Books.

Here’s a link to the Interpark online book store:
그리고 Series Interpark

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