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managed to dig this one up
12.5″ x 16″ poster color/ water color

*also up for sale


Currently selling!


hello! Lately, I’ve been super busy with my current project, illustrating a book series. However, I thought it’d be pretty cool to sell my artwork on the side.

I’ll be selling two pieces:

The Buddha Portrait

The Fish Sketch

If interested, please contact me via email at
Also, check out my instagram gracemooon for my daily art updates.

Color/ Technique Practice



An artist always needs some time to fiddle around with new colors and techniques. I bought myself a new set of ShinHan poster colors, set B, which has a wide range of different colors, including pastels and brights. Since this portrait ties in with the books I’m illustrating, I thought it’d be relevant to use it as a basis of practice.



Selling Copies of MY ARTWORK.

hey everyone! lately, a lot of people have been requesting copies of my artwork, so I’m starting to sell them! It can be any piece that I have posted on my art blog, so if you want a copy, please contact me through Facebook or at my email, Thank you so much!