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Selling Copies of MY ARTWORK.

hey everyone! lately, a lot of people have been requesting copies of my artwork, so I’m starting to sell them! It can be any piece that I have posted on my art blog, so if you want a copy, please contact me through Facebook or at my email, Thank you so much!




008When I was young, I remember my grandma holding  my hands in hers, these wrinkly fold of soft skin that traced the contours of my palms and squeezed my little finger. She’d take me swimming at the pool, and afterwards she’d scrub my tiny back hard, and late when I’d lick the strawberry ice cream we bought at the market, I’d radiate a soft pink glow. In this portrait, I embodied my grandma, someone I haven’t seen in seven years, and I hope that I’ve embodied the warmth in her smile and the spunk in her laugh.


The Buddha’s Smile


medium: graphite pencil, poster color

There’s a story about the Buddha and his secret smile that he gave when looking upon a single lotus flower. The Buddha was once a famous man. There was a day when he and all his disciples gathered, and he had gently picked up a lotus flower, gazing at its beauty, when suddenly he gave a smile.
It wasn’t a dazzling smile, nor a flashy one; but one that demonstrated full understanding and enlightenment. And in that room with his students and disciples, there was a single man, other than the Buddha himself, who understood the meaning to that visage, and an understanding grin passed between them.
In my art piece, above, I’ve portrayed this story into its single scene with a splash of color for the flower, emphasizing its beauty.