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Exclusive Interview w/ Business Insider

A couple of weeks ago, Google contacted me saying they wanted to do an article about past Doodle 4 Google winners, and I was lucky enough to talk to reporter Jillian D’Onfro. The interview brought back so many memories, and I’m still overwhelmed with how grateful I am for this opportunity.

Thank you so much again Business Insider and Yahoo! for featuring me in an exclusive interview, and thank you for linking my art blog heart emoticon
A really big shout out to everyone who pursue what they love.
You’re awesome.


Selling Copies of MY ARTWORK.

hey everyone! lately, a lot of people have been requesting copies of my artwork, so I’m starting to sell them! It can be any piece that I have posted on my art blog, so if you want a copy, please contact me through Facebook or at my email, Thank you so much!



Get Active!- 1st place

Growing Up Asian American: Bridges- 2nd place  (2012)

Soda Sucks- Honorable Mention (2008)

Congressional Art Competition- 2nd place  (2012)

Doodle 4 Google (2008)

Soda Sucks (2011)

Soda Sucks– Honorable Mention
poster color

Lately, over consumption and obesity has been a big issue in the United States. The fast food industry has taken over most of the household diets, and fats and sweets have become big constituents in everyday meals. The “Soda Sucks” campaign, hosted by News America Media, demonstrated the desire of wanting artists to deliver their message through forms of art and media.
My art piece shows a finished match between an obese and fit man. The fit man stands for the meaning of a fit, healthy man, while the obese man, who’s wearing an American top hat, symbolizes how America has been dominated by the soda industry that’s slowly becoming detrimental to everyone’s health.
Drinking soda is a choice. You can step one step away from obesity by stopping the consumption of soda.

For more information on this competition,
For more entries and examples of other work,
For more information on the New America Media,

The Korean American Day Art Competition (2012)

DSC_0961Seasonal Harmony– Second Place
(water color, poster color)

Here’s a link to another one of my posts that fully describes the Korean Culture Art Contest:

Just like the other competition, 2012’s theme was the same: Korean Beauty and Culture. In my piece, I portrayed the beauty of the four different seasons in Korea. In Korea, the seasons look so different from one another, and I’ve embodied them in the main circle inside the Korean flag.
As you go clockwise, it goes from fall to winter to summer to spring, and even though the color palette is limited, you can still distinguish the beauty of each season from one another.
Here are some photos from the award ceremony.


Get Active! Art Competition (2012)

226Get Active!First Place
(poster color, watercolor)

Technology has been a big factor in today’s society. At first, with the new gadgets and gizmos, it  seemed pretty amazing to have the world in the palm of your hand. The new iPhone allowed a voice activated control system and the Samsung Galaxy tablet has a built in touch screen. And all awhile these electronic devices connect you to the internet and social networking applications along with games and music.
However, I’ve noticed that these devices can be more detrimental one’s mind and health than helpful. They are addicting. I have too many friends glued to their phones and computers all day long checking trivial matters like their Instagram and Facebook notifications. I agree that they’re fun and pleasing to look at, and the idea of having so many people like a single photo of yours confirms your popularity and likability that makes one feel accomplished. But sometimes, enough is enough.

I’ve never owned my own phone. So I know exactly how it feels to go from one state to another, phone to phoneless. I sometimes borrow my friends’ smartphones to check an update, and I quickly find myself glued to it. However, once I detach myself, I realize what a waste of time it was. With all that time teenagers commit to their phones and computers, they could be doing other meaningful activities that will benefit them. Instead of looking through photos of other people’s lives, they could be outdoors, taking a jog or meeting up with some friends.
In my painting, I’ve portrayed the contrast between people who outdoors and indoors. The ones with their electronics don’t have faces, because I wanted to embody how the  people outside, in nature, are more alive than the ones glued to their phones. And painting this scene of Lake Chabot made me realize how beautiful outdoor nature really is. At the awards ceremony, I was glad to receive many different compliments and remarks about my painting; it proved that I had gotten my message across, and people had understood how I was feeling.


Lucky for me, I was interviewed by the magazine, Bay Nature Connections, on my artwork and my background. Here it is below.사진사진 (2) 사진 (3)If you’d like to read the interview in paper form or in digital copy, or if you’re interested in ordering any other issue of the Bay Nature Connections, please visit the link below.

I also featured in an interview in the Regional in Nature: Activity GuideIMGIMG_0002If you can’t read what it says above, it reads:
Ditch the Technology: GO FOR A WALK IN THE PARK
by Grace Moon, Castro Valley High School student and first place winner in the “Get Active!” 2012 youth creative contest. Winning entries will be exhibited at the Tilden Regional Park Environmental Education Center in November and December.

Many of my friends are totally into their phones and laptops. And even the five and six year old kids that my mother teaches in kindergarten handle them with ease. But I have learned to see these things as distractions. Many evenings after dinner, my dad and I go for a walk beside Lake Chabot, and because I don’t have a cell phone or iPod with me, I can see what’s important, and what’s not. I really love the views of the lake. When I created my poster, I wanted my friends to see that being outside and active is bigger than staring at a computer screen for hours. It’s way more fun than watching TV.

Another great opportunity I received was an interview for the Hankook Ilbo, aka The Korea Times. The reporter not only interviewed me on the winning of the Get Active! art competition, but she also wrote about all my other accomplishments, including Doodle 4 Google and the Korean American Day Art Competition. Here’s the featured article below.

IMG_0003Here’s the link:

I also appeared in the Weekly Hyundae News USA.


Congressional Art Competition 2012

269This Side in ParadiseSecond Place
(poster color, watercolor)

Every year, the Congressional Institute holds a competition called the Congressional Art Competition that recognizes high school artistic talent throughout the United States. I had the great opportunity to participate in this competition and a greater honor to win second place. The Congressional Art Competition holds no theme nor guidelines to what you have to paint or draw; it’s all up to the artist’s preference. There are a series of districts within each state and a winner is picked from each district. The winners’ art pieces are then showcased at the White House.
In the 2012 CAC, I entered my piece, “This Side In Paradise.” I used poster color, which is similar to gauche, and watercolor to evoke a sense of peace and beauty while using vibrant colors.
Elephants are beautiful creatures and souls. However, I sometimes believe that their grey complexion does not serve justice to their beauty. In my piece, I’ve colored the elephant in all the different hues you could ever imagine in my own unique technique. So even though, it still has that wrinkly folds of its skin, the colors make it look even more majestic and grand. “This Side in Paradise” slowly unfolds its story as you examine the painting in more detail. You’ll soon notice the pairs of shoes haphazardly resting in the flowers, and the bicycles positioned near the trunk. The boy and the girl are sitting beneath the elephant, marveling at their surroundings with complacent and peaceful expressions on their faces. Other than these few details, I’ve left the rest to the viewer’s interpretation. They will be able to make their own version of stories behind this painting, which adds more to the mystery of this piece, making it more magical and beautiful.

In choosing the winner of this competition is a panel of judges including Barbara Lee, California’s District 13 representative. I actually got to meet her in person, which was pretty cool. For only winning second place, I’ve still gained a lot from this competition. 
014019 (2)

While creating my art piece, which took a very long time, I pondered over how art is a play of different techniques and colors. The endless number of patterns and creation you can create with a single brush and different colored pigments is amazing to me. In itself, it’s like a language that is universal to every eye.  Whether or not you like, you’ll still be able to understand and interpret.
I appeared in the article on Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s media page. Here’s the link:

Here’s another link for an article that includes me and more info on this competition:

For more information on the Congressional Art Competition, visit this website: