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03 Interpolated Void


Before the weekend, my professor asked my class to take a trip downtown and take pictures of different structures, whether it be buildings, a stop light, windows, tables, or even a park bench. We would have to edit them into black and white, creating a great contrast. From these photos, we’d choose two and place them on a bristol board, four inches apart.

Then we’d selectively removing pieces of the images, adding lines, and using a deliberate process of operations, create a new composition based on the two sources. Our intention will be defined through the analysis of each photograph, with your interpolation existing in the void between them.

After taking numerous photos, my teacher asked us to draw diagrams, boiled down to the simplest forms (as shown below).


333333333    e

7        a

2              h

2014-10-11 13.07.52     f

8            b


From these forms and shapes we drew, we would take ideas and incorporate them into our void.

Interpolated Void #1

4    2

With these two images placed on bristol board, I created




Interpolated Void #2

3    1

Grace Moon