A Garden of Knowledge

This semester, our professor had us design “A Garden of Knowledge” through a series of images we would create. The site for our project was located in Bukchon, Jungdok Public Librar. In order to fulfill this primary theme, we would envision and portray a library that we built in our minds. Getting to that point, we had a lot of help from text we read about libraries and studying different structures as well. Through my project, I wanted to tell a story through the different illustrations and collages.

During our trip to the Jungdok Library, I took and chose images that deeply moved me. And as a result I realized most images contained an overlaying theme which focused on the shadows and light. I used this as my starting point of my project and developed from there.

Interpreted this space without its outer facade. Within the library, the books seemed to be solely about books. Like the space was made of books, and the books were holding up the building rather than the other way around.

The books were accessible, but also exalted them.
Upon entering entrance and space, one is greeted with a dark narrow staircase leading up to an unknown space. After slipping up and through this dark ※crevice§ one is thrown into a grand vast space of light and action. This deep contrast of the library*s and staircase*s space introduces a moment, this concrete experience.

Asplund captured this experience within this structure; the real essence of architecture is that it is not just a background, it is a character within a medium.This illustration was created to demonstrate how the exterior structure didn*t overshroud what was already within, the light and the shadow that created an overall etheral effect. To portray this, the layers of the outer facade were intentionally peeled back.

Stockholm Library really emphasized the importance of moments and experiences.


How does we define space? How does the space define us? I confronted these questions in the collage above.


A library tends to be a place where people go searching for something. The above illustration reflects the new sense and feeling one obtains when visiting a place unfamiliar.



I also decided to create an illustration that was my interpretation of the Jungdok Library.


The above illustration was in response to the concept of the Babel Library.





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