Soda Sucks (2011)

Soda Sucks– Honorable Mention
poster color

Lately, over consumption and obesity has been a big issue in the United States. The fast food industry has taken over most of the household diets, and fats and sweets have become big constituents in everyday meals. The “Soda Sucks” campaign, hosted by News America Media, demonstrated the desire of wanting artists to deliver their message through forms of art and media.
My art piece shows a finished match between an obese and fit man. The fit man stands for the meaning of a fit, healthy man, while the obese man, who’s wearing an American top hat, symbolizes how America has been dominated by the soda industry that’s slowly becoming detrimental to everyone’s health.
Drinking soda is a choice. You can step one step away from obesity by stopping the consumption of soda.

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