This Side in Paradise (2012)

269medium: water color, poster color (18″ x 24″)

Elephants are beautiful creatures and souls. I sometimes believe that their grey complexion does not serve justice to their beauty. In my piece, I’ve painted the elephant in every possible hue in my own unique technique. So even though, it still has that wrinkly folds of its skin, the colors make it look even more majestic and grand. “This Side in Paradise” slowly unfolds its story as you examine the painting in more detail. You’ll soon notice the pairs of shoes haphazardly resting in the flowers, and the bicycles positioned near the trunk. The boy and the girl are sitting beneath the elephant, marveling at their surroundings with complacent and peaceful expressions on their faces. Other than these few details, I’ve left the rest to the viewer’s interpretation. This adds to the mystery.


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