Seasonal Harmony (2012)


 medium: water color, poster color
The Korean American Day Art Contest 2nd Place (13″ x 16″)

I was to depict the perfect example of Korea’s beauty, and in the end I chose the four seasons. In Korea, each season has a distinct quality that makes it really different from the other. In my piece, the four are merged within the Korean national flag. As you go clockwise, it transitions from fall to winter to summer to spring; even though the color palette is limited, you can still distinguish the beauty of each season from one another. Notice how I splattered paint in different shades on the outside of the painting to give the piece a more spontaneous and fun feel; the music notes I placed inside the black boxes of the flag actually contains the score for the Korean national anthem. When I view my piece, I sense an actual rhythm emanating from the center circle that transitions out into the black boxes that are painted off the page.


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