Human-Elephant (2012)

258medium: poster color (14″ x 17″)

Seldom do we realize that those with the most beauty are the different, striking ones. At first, due to society’s misgivings, people tend to disregard or turn away from those who are unlike us because it’s either an inner instinct to separate ourselves or we are afraid of confronting a personality or appearance that we’re not used to. My piece embodies this. In my piece, the elephant-butterfly-human is striking, powerful, and intimidates the elephant who crouches near, afraid. The colorful streaks and orange hues that complement its wing-ear, give the elephant hybrid a glow, and the red trees and plants and butterfly all reflect off this elephant. We should realize that even if we come across different people or things that are different and unfamiliar to us, that each and one’s individuality contains its own beauty. We should notice and appreciate all kinds of aesthetics. Never should we underestimate the strength and strive of others.


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