Get Active! (2012)


medium: poster color and watercolor  (13″ x 16″)

 Technology’s a big factor in today’s society. But I’ve noticed that it causes more harm than good. I have too many friends glued to their devices all day, checking trivial matters like their Instagram and Facebook notifications. With all the time teenagers commit to their phones and computers, they could be doing other meaningful activities that would benefit them. Instead of looking through photos of other people’s lives, they, themselves, could be outdoors, taking a jog or meeting up with some friends. In my painting, I’ve portrayed the contrast between the people outdoors and indoors. The ones with their electronics don’t have faces, because I wanted to embody how the people outside, in nature, are more alive than the ones glued to their phones. Notice the vibrant use of color and technique on the reflective water and hills.I wanted to show the true beauty of nature at its best.


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